Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CAP-6 Experiment

This piece is one of my favourites and is easy to tell why. I have always enjoyed painting stylized landscapes, colorful skies, remote and lonly places, so combining all these features into one piece was just a matter of time. Plus, I was very excited to try out my recently bought drawing tablet, so... I guess, that's enough to make a piece stand above so many others.

I remember struggling at first. I was having a hard time finding the right color palette, the right brushes, the right format, basically all the phases every new artist goes through with a new project. Furthermore, I had to adjust with the new tool and deal with a graphic card problem. It was a total mess. It would be much easier if I didn't change my mind every 30 minutes about the smallest details. Even my family started joking about it.

It was fun, besides what I went through at first. It hepled me discover a few new ways on how to approach particular parts and phases during the painting process.

The name "CAP-6 Experiment" or "Capsule 6 experiment" is about a restricted area where light experiments are taken. I also made a gif to show what the experiments were about. As you can see a concentrated stream of light goes through a mirror, changes its direction and goes towards a rocky mountain. In normal conditions the light path would end there, but in this case it doesn't. This is what makes it weird, while it is not human made.

The second image shows the same place years later, also reflecting the experiments side effects (floating rocks).