Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CAP-6 Experiment

This is a piece I really like. I can only recall happy memories by looking at it. It's very personal. It's one of those pieces started to be a big failure. But as you work more on it, it slowly turns on a self-exploring experience.

I remember sitting on my desk with the simple idea of painting a colorful sky. I picked a single brush and chose the palette. Started painting and soon realising it was not going to work. I lacked experience and skill, or simply the courage not to give up so soon. I got up, left the room, ate lunch real quick and then took a long nap.

Now as you can imagine, I woke up with my mind clear and full of positivity. Well, that's exactly what happened, although I continued working on it a few days later.

I had in mind many childhood references combined with what I had learned about art recently, so it was a mixture of two worlds. Now that is a huge statement, but yeah it's kinda true.

It was fun. It turned to a joke to the ones around me, repeatedly telling me if I would ever finish it or when I would stop changing my mind every thirty minutes.

The name "CAP-6 Experiment" or "Capsule 6 experiment" is about a restricted area where light experiments are taken. I also made a gif to show what the experiments were about. As you can see a concentrated stream of light goes through a mirror, changes its direction and goes towards a rocky mountain. In normal conditions the light path would end there, but in this case it doesn't. This is what makes it weird, while it is not human made.

The second image shows the same place years later, also reflecting the experiments side effects (floating rocks).